Fine Art – Golden Cage

A golden Cage is Still A Cage

Fine Art - Golden Cage

Concept Photography project with Coralie.

Golden Case closeup

A golden cage is still a cage!

When you live in a golden cage you are probably a volunteered prisoner.

The cage is shiny and looks so beautiful you want to live there. You are lured by beautiful promises, often out of love, crush, desires or obsession. 

When you are inside you will experience all the luxury, pleasure and wonderful moments. Those moments, however, are only for yourself and with the person you share the cage with.

The cage prevents you from sharing all those beautiful moments with the world.

Your experiences should not leave the cage. The rest of the world is not allowed to know and your fabulous times are just for you and your secrets. Once you’re out of the cage, there’s only one option, lie about the cage’s owner, your secret love.

Golden Cage with Coralie
Golden Cage with Coralie #0465

Only a few cages are pure gold. Most of them are made of iron with a thin layer of gold.
Over time, the iron will rust and the thin layer of gold will flake off.
Time wears off the shine and comes the disappointment and you wonder if it’s worth keeping all the fun a secret.
What is that happiness worth if you can’t and aren’t allowed to share it with anyone?
Then it’s time to leave the cage and say goodbye.
Get out of the cage and let go, no matter how hard it may seem, seek freedom! Happiness is just around the corner.

Open your eyes and look back at what you had to leave behind.
It will strengthen you to love yourself.

Golden Cage #0150
Golden Cage project #0150

Love & Peace!

Golden Cage Project #0228

Very grateful to be able to make this fine art series with Coralie.

She is an alternative model I love to work with and she definitely deserves credits for this concept.

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